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Rabu, 01 Februari 2023

Succeed Yourself

Februari 01, 2023
Succeed Yourself
Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - We know the term "Self Healing" which is Hype among people who are aware of their health, which literally means "Self Healing", with minimal help from others.

The term is so influential, that many people are actually cured, because of their positive attitude.

After recovering from a chronic and severe illness, people usually return more eager to live a prosperous life.

Surely he is confused, after recovering from a serious and long illness, he is no longer young (never say that you are old).

This is when you have to do as my friend (SSM) told me, that we have to wake up our subconscious brain, with my friend's theory earlier, which he called "Success Yourself".

Because he also rose from these difficulties, many years, after almost disappearing from the face of the earth. He also rose again, by building his own subconscious brain.

From his advice, I created several pages to express my best friend's ideas.

He also gives positive steps to knit your success back, by starting the stage, where to re-arrange and achieve your goals, which may be delayed.

According to him
Think and decide in advance, if it takes days, or even weeks, what you want to make happen, make it your Goals.

The next stage, build your Mindsets, always think positively, and be humble, towards what you might face, when you want to achieve the Goals that you have set steadily, be patient to see the changes, be consistent on the path that you have set.

Synchronize between Goals and Your Mindsets. After that, then you need to suggest to yourself that your success is right in front of your eyes.

While carrying out the 3 stages mentioned above, you must keep your attitude; Eling lan Waspodo, LegowoAlon-alon asal Kelakon, and Pasrah marang Ghusti Allah.

He also advised, to achieve something, try first, then Surrender to God's Ghusti, and reach your Destiny.

The seven variables "Achieving Success" above, My best friend named it  7-Lifestyle... (EW)

Notes :
My best friend (SSM) still has a lot to say, maybe I will write it again in this article, or I will make an article with a new title.

Why did I just connect the old link from Alon-alon Asal Kelakon, because these words are the ones that get the most misinterpretation.

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