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Kamis, 05 Januari 2023

Mindset is Everything

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Mindset is everything, is one of Yargon in my life.

Because in my opinion, all the journey of a person's life starts from his mindset.

If we talk about the mindset in Indonesia.

It would be better for us to go back to when we were still taught the subject "Ethics", where in essence, we were taught the mindset of how to behave according to the lifestyle of our Ancestors, about what was polite and polite in character, and intelligent in mindset.

The subject of ethics teaches a moral mindset, and forms a mindset from the behavior of students in schools.

To facilitate writing, we will then call it the ethical mindset.

This 1968 curriculum was valid until the mid-1980s, ending when the mindset subjects were replaced by civics education subjects, and religious subjects (Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and later also Confucianism).

With the reason, that the ethical mindset only teaches the mindset to behave in a worldly manner.

So politicians who use religion as a political tool encourage them to change their ethical mindset to apply religious lessons.

Religious mindset is dogmatic.

If examined carefully, the ethical mindset actually contains very high inter-religious tolerance.

Until that era, we lived like in a land of dreams, where by applying a thinker mindset, we all got along well, and worked together with each other among religions, when there were celebrations of one religion.

Apart from that, in the ethical mindset lesson itself, if criticized intelligently, it also contains an initiation from the mindset of 'Defending the Country', which has recently been touted about recently.

The clear ethical mindset is an open and intelligent teaching and learning system, because you can directly monitor the success rate of applying that mindset to students every day, which can be seen from the mindset and behavior of the students themselves.

The ethical mindset teaches us to be consistent between what we say and what we do.

The ethical mindset lessons in that era clearly combined everyone's thoughts and motors, so that they were balanced.

So that the mindset of the majority of the people at that time, you can see, between their words and actions ran parallel.

Unlike now, the mindset of many religious leaders, if you don't want to say the octum of the majority of religious leaders, is very different between their behavior and their speech, because their mindset in learning only emphasizes memorization.

That is where the mistake is, that the application of ethical mindset is forced to be replaced by descendants of citizens, so that their sectarian religious sect can dominate Indonesia.

When the ethical mindset was still being taught in schools, the attitudes and relationships of students to their teachers, or teachers to their students, respected each other in their respective portions.

Regarding religious life, it should be a personal right to privacy, not the government's obligation to interfere in someone's religious life.

Unlike now, with a rote mindset, they only know, teachers are paid with their school fees, which incidentally is money from the students' parents.

With a rote mindset, it means that teachers are paid by their parents, so it's not more like a maid in their house.

It is not surprising, if the mindset of students who memorize at this time, many are brave to their teachers, if you don't want to say that the majority of students are unscrupulous.

With a ethical mindset, in the past the existence of teachers and students did not compete, but respected each other proportionally. This healthy mindset must be maintained.
Thinking Mindset vs Memorizing Mindset.

The soothing conditions in teaching and learning at that time, made the teaching and learning process, at the same time increase the intelligence of students to develop optimally, so that the thinking patterns of students really become intelligent, in the application of their own mindset.

Unlike what is happening at this time, students who are intentionally or unintentionally taught use the human mindset of memorizing, which makes students, directly or indirectly, not intelligent, but only as memorizing humans, who act only on the basis of their memorization.

Intelligent people who apply a thinker mindset, it will be very obvious to see the relationship between the level of intelligence of their IQ and EQ, but humans who memorize only follow what is memorized, which incidentally rarely uses the IQ of their mind, so their EQ is low.

As a human who uses a thinker mindset, he will always think twice, before going further, or to make a wise decision.

It is different with humans who use a rote mindset, because they are not intelligent, so to make a decision, based only on the data in their brain database, they do not use the tools that have been given by God Almighty, such as kajiwo (empathy). for example.

So if the problem at hand is not in the database of their brain, then simply, they say that it doesn't make sense to them, even though in fact they don't use their mind. This kind of memorizing mindset usually consciously or not suffers from double standards.

It is different with people who use a thinker mindset, they will use all the equipment that has been equipped by God Almighty, such as; senses, kajiwo (empathy), and so forth. So they tend to apply a single standard.

Therefore, the human tendency to use a rote mindset has a double standard character, and a certain low EQ, so it is easy to get cranky or angry, or what children now know as the term "human short fuse".

Memorizing mindset behavior is not Gossip

There have been many incidents, one of which was when a religious figure argued with a female artist. When the religious figure was addressed, he immediately burst into tears like chicken vegetables. Obviously yes, mindset is everything.

Because most of us, only know that angry people, only those who behave temperamentally, it doesn't feel that the majority of users of the rote mindset, we can be sure have a low EQ, even though they don't look temperamental.

Angry people who use a temperamental rote mindset, they are among those who have no calculation against the resistance of the people around them, or maybe have enough guts.

But in reality, short fuse people who use the rote mindset, act temperamentally, only when they are in large numbers. Individually, they are like vegetable chickens.

Meanwhile, people who use the mindset of memorizing, but are not seen as someone who is angry, and also not seen as a temperamental person, so they have little courage, or take into account the resistance of the people around them. Or also included in the classification of vegetable chicken.

The point is, angry people have low EQ.

After the implementation of the curriculum that replaced the mindset subject "Budipekerti" into two subjects, namely; Citizenship and Religion, with rote teaching patterns.

The episode of student brawl between schools begins, armed with a memorizer mindset, then your school vs my school. Such is the short-sighted view of the educational results of a memorizer mindset.

If we look at the perspective of thinkers. Your school has the same problem as mine. Humans have a thinker mindset, surely say "you and I are both educated people, let's solve it wisely"

The result of replacing the curriculum..., which uses a memorizing mindset, is now being shown to us, whether intentionally or not, studying religion does not promise people to be good, compared to when the ethical mindset subjects were still being implemented.

It can be seen that one of the religious streams, with the result of a memorizer mindset education, they do not recognize the existence of other religions, they even consider one religion to be another religion than theirs. Because of the results of the memorizer's mindset, they always think they are the most correct.

Now that the difference is clear, between the thinking mindset of the thinker and the mindset of memorizing, it is clear that "Smart is not by memorizing", but "Smart can be by memorizing"

This is not gossip, but the fact that when we learn ethical mindset, we immediately implement it, and it is clear that the impact is direct for those who apply it.

Unlike studying religion, the majority of which are only memorized, while those who implement them, cannot immediately feel the impact.

With this learning mindset that emphasizes memorization, it makes us rigid in accepting other values than what is memorized.

What is equally important, while we are trying to interpret what is the meaning, use, and application of mindset to human behavior, so that it is clearer, we can divide the functions of mindset and lifestyle functions.

An easy analogy is, if the mindset is the system, then the lifestyle is the application.

Your lifestyle is a reflection of your own mindset. With a smart and healthy mindset, your lifestyle will look smart and healthy.

In essence, your behavior, your appearance, your lifestyle, and your success, all of that, really depends on your own mindset.

Before it's too late, I think you have to choose to use a thinking mindset, or a memorizing mindset.

Only for those who want to be smart, may choose to use a thinker mindset.

Thinking mindset, besides making us smart, our charm will shine in the eyes of the sane opposite sex.

A thinker mindset makes us more confident, facing various challenges.

The mindset of thinkers, makes our EQ higher, so we become patient people.

The mindset of thinkers, makes us never stop thinking about positive things.

People who use a thinker mindset tend to have a lot of humor, so they are liked by their friends.

Last but not least, a thinker mindset also makes us healthier, because we use our brains more often to think positively.

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