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Cars - Sometimes Become a Person's Status Symbol

Januari 08, 2023
Cars - Sometimes Become a Person's Status Symbol

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Auto or Oto or Car is a means of transportation. But not everyone buys it, solely for transportation.

There are those who choose a car to fulfill their lifestyle, there are also those who choose to channel their hobbies, there are those who really need it.

Which one are you, from various motivations they bought a car, as explained above.

This is where maturity thinking is needed.

From seeing their motivation to buy a car, we immediately know - even though it's not entirely true, what is their mindset?

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Bahasa Indonesia
Mobil kadang menjadi status simbol seseorang

Auto atau Oto atau Mobil merupakan alat transportasi. Tapi tidak semua orang membelinya, semata-mata hanya untuk transportasi.

Ada yang memilih mobil untuk sekedar memenuhi Gaya Hidup, ada pula yang untuk menyalurkan hobinya, ada yang memang betul² karena kebutuhannya.

Anda yang mana, dari berbagai motivasi mereka membeli mobil, seperti yang dijelaskan di atas.

Disinilah dibutuhkan kedewasaan berpikir.

Dari melihat motivasi mereka membeli mobil, kita langsung tau - meskipun tidak seluruhnya benar, pola pikir mereka seperti apa?

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Cars and the personality of their owners

Januari 08, 2023
Cars and the personality of their owners


Januari 08, 2023

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - In Indonesia the motorcycle community thrives. What's interesting, there are several regions or cities that have a tendency, the majority of the community only has one brand of motorcycle, or only one type.

Such as the big motorbike community, which usually only develops in big cities, or the motorbike community with one brand, the majority of which are leftists typical of the area.
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Bahasa Indonesia
Di Indonesia komunitas motor tumbuh subur. Yang menarik, ada beberapa wilayah, atau kota yang memiliki kecendrungan, komunitasnya mayoritas satu merek motor saja, atau satu jenis saja.

Seperti komunitas motor gede, yang biasanya berkembang di kota-kota besar saja, atau komunitas motor dengan satu merek yang mayoritas menjadi semacam kiri khas daerah tersebut.
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Sabtu, 07 Januari 2023

Lifestyle | Gaya Hidup

Januari 07, 2023
Lifestyle | Gaya Hidup
Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Articles in Indonesian, after Articles in English

Initially the term "Lifestyle" was introduced by Austrian psychologists, Alfred Adler and Ferdinand the Bull.

In 1929, the notion of lifestyle had a broad meaning, as it is understood today, which has actually been used since the 1961s.

In the beginning, actually lifestyle is only part of secondary human needs that can change according to the times, or someone's desire to change their lifestyle.

A person's lifestyle can also be seen from the way he dresses, his habits, and so on.

Lifestyle also actually has a relative value, depending on the judgment of other people who judge it.

Lifestyle can also be used as a good example, but it can also be used as a bad thing.

Examples of a good lifestyle, among others; eat and rest regularly, consume 4 healthy 5 perfect foods, and so on.

While examples of bad lifestyle, among others; speaking impolitely, dressing immodestly, eating carelessly, and so on.

Lifestyle is increasingly having a broader meaning, so lifestyle can be predicted that in the future it will become a more complex pattern of human life.

Take, for example, the behavior of a person, rarely in their lifestyle is not parallel. For example someone who uses a luxurious lifestyle, it will be impossible for him to dress simply, and buy cheap things.

If we associate lifestyle with mindset, then it can be said that mindset is the working system, while lifestyle can be said as a tool to implement it.

Why did we take the theme "7 Lifestyles", because in our opinion, there are 7 main human variables, which reflect their mindset, which can be implemented through these "7 Lifestyle variables".

A person's lifestyle is inseparable from the existence of the person himself, whether he feels comfortable being himself, who feels he already exists with what he has now.

In criticizing lifestyle, a person's ownership is not only in the objects or property that he has, but also includes skills, education, circle of friends, and so on, which are related to things that can be compared with other people's ownership.

Ownership of a lifestyle, including good looks, and a proportional body shape, if he is a man. The same goes for women, they always associate it with their beauty and their beautiful bodies.

Thus it is clear, lifestyle is an essential thing to talk about at the present time.

Why is lifestyle so important nowadays???

The question is, mindset first or lifestyle first, if we want to form a positive mindset for our children. This question is actually almost the same as the question, the egg first or the chicken first.

Let's make it easier, if we teach mindset first, rather than lifestyle first, then we will, or have to use a lot of parables that are quite abstract, which will make it difficult for our children to imagine, what is it for, what are the results, and what are the benefits mindset for himself.

However, if we start by introducing lifestyle first, it will be easier for children to understand, because the examples are real.

Therefore, the title of this website begins by introducing lifestyle first, rather than Mindset. This can be seen from our website url, which emphasizes lifestyle more.

Lifestyle must have Intelligence variable in it.

You can show examples of people who are royal in their lifestyle, and at the same time answer why that person should adopt a royal lifestyle.

People who use the royal lifestyle, usually people who suffer from an existential crisis. They hope, with their generosity, they will always be respected, besides that, it will make them feel that they always exist in their circle of friends.

So it is clear that the royal lifestyle indicates that the person is not confident, or suffers from an existential crisis. (Please distinguish between Royal and Generous).

Meanwhile, a positive lifestyle is economical but not stingy!!!

An economical lifestyle in buying fashion items, for example, which can be seen when you have to make a choice, which item to buy.

With the same quality, branded ones are certainly much more expensive than non-branded ones.

If you buy non-branded ones, because you think the quality is the same, or at least close, but at a friendly price, then you are included in the criteria for using a positive lifestyle.

It must also be distinguished, if you really like branded goods, and you happen to be very capable of buying them, and you buy them not because you join in, or are influenced by other people, then that is your real lifestyle.

Back to our lifestyle habits in buying, make it a habit to prioritize the function of the item, not the prioritized model. Because we buy the function, and the quality, not the model.

The frugal lifestyle in enjoying culinary is different again, when you have to decide which restaurant, or restaurant, you want to visit.

While dirty restaurants are cheap, and hygienist ones are expensive, this is where with the mindset education system in the subject "Manners", we are taught intelligence, not memorization. (An article about a smart and ethical lifestyle, is on the Latest Wata WA website)

Lifestyle: Reflection of Smart or not Someone.

Lifestyle dismantles a person's mindset, for example that person uses memorization as a benchmark, then what is stated in the memorized description is used as a benchmark for making a decision, so that the description "efficient equals cheaper" will be made an absolute decision for him, without being followed by strict logic. others, which even if thought intelligently, can actually negate the statement of its explicit description.

It's true, being economical is cheaper, but with a lifestyle that places a positive mindset, one who always wants to think twice, will always ask the cause and effect, "What are the possible consequences afterwards?"

With a smart lifestyle, you will consume food and choose a hygienic restaurant.

So the expensive choice for this case, does not reflect a hedonistic lifestyle, but rather anticipation, as an application of a smart lifestyle.

If you eat at a restaurant that is cheap but dirty, it will reflect on your wrong lifestyle, because there will be a possibility for you, when you finish eating, you will actually get diarrhea.

So the question is, do you use a smart lifestyle, and are you okay, or do you get diarrhea, if you choose a cheap restaurant, which then you have to be hospitalized, then if you count the pros and cons.

With a smart lifestyle, you can calculate your losses using a lifestyle that only memorizes. By being treated in the hospital, the costs are much more expensive, when compared to the difference in price between cheap restaurant food and expensive restaurant food prices.

Ethics as an indicator of a Classy Lifestyle.

Before discussing an ethical lifestyle. Sometimes we are confused, do we have to have a good attitude too.

Or we also often find the title "Be ethical and have good ethics", as well as in articles discussing lifestyle.

Meanwhile, the meaning of the word ethics are things that describe how our attitudes and behavior in our environment are identical to our role as social human beings. This term is also known as Attitude.

For this lifestyle discussion, we prefer to use the term ethics, which we think is more social.

Above, we have given examples of bad lifestyles, or unethical lifestyles, such as speaking impolitely, dressing immodestly, using harsh vocabulary, arrogant gestures, and so on.

What we need to know, in looking at a person's lifestyle, the first is precisely the person's ethics, because it is from ethics, we will know the origin of that person.

It could be, he uses his daily lifestyle like a noble. With a lifestyle that is neat and clean, but when we talk, you can see its origins, and its true lifestyle, from the way it holds a glass, from the way it talks, and so on.

Classy Lifestyle.

The ancestors of the Archipelago have taught lifestyle, and passed down noble values which are very complete, with the values of a classy lifestyle itself.

So it should be, if we stay true to the values inherited from our Ancestors, then our lifestyle must be classy.

For the sake of the comfort of your life, you are still allowed, and even have to determine which lifestyle you will apply in your daily life.

In our opinion, adopt a smart lifestyle, so that you are detached, or not caught in an existential crisis, which will give you more to lose. (continued article in Latest WA News)

Sapto Satrio Mulyo

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Bahasa Indonesia
Pada awalnya istilah "Gayahidup" diperkenalkan oleh psikolog Austria, Alfred Adler dan Ferdinand the Bull.

Pada tahun 1929, pengertian gayahidup memiliki makna yang luas, sebagaimana dipahami pada hari ini, yang sebenarnya sudah mulai digunakan sejak tahun 1961an.

Pada awalnya, sesungguhnya  gayahidup hanyalah bagian dari kebutuhan sekunder manusia yang dapat berubah sejalan dengan zaman, atau keinginan seseorang untuk mengubah gaya hidup mereka.

Gayahidup seseorang juga dapat  dilihat dari cara ia berpakaian, kebiasaannya, dan lain-lain. 

Gayahidup juga sebenarnya memiliki nilai yang relatif,  tergantung penilaian dari orang lain yang menilainya.

Gayahidup juga dapat dijadikan contoh yang baik, akan tetapi juga dapat dijadikan hal yang buruk.

Contoh gayahidup yang baik, antara lain; makan dan istirahat secara teratur, mengkonsumsi makanan 4 sehat 5 sempurna, dan lain-lain. 

Sementara contoh gayahidup yang buruk, antara lain; berbicara tidak santun, berpakaian tidak sopan, makan sembarangan, dan lain-lain.

Gayahidup semakin lama semakin punya makna yang lebih luas, sehingga gayahidup dapat diprediksi kedepannya akan jadi pola hidup manusia yang lebih kompleks.

Ambil saja contoh, prilaku seseorang, jarang sekali yang di dalam gayahidup mereka tidak paralel. Misal seseorang yang menggunakan gayahidup mewah, maka akan tidak mungkin ia berpakaian sederhana, dan membeli barang-barang murahan.

Jika gayahidup kita kaitkan dengan pola pikir, maka dapat dikatakan, bahwa pola pikir adalah sistem kerjanya, sementara gayahidup dapat dikatakan sebagai alat untuk mengimplementasikannya.

Mengapa kami mengambil tema "7 Gayahidup", karena menurut kami, ada 7 veriabel utama manusia, yang mencerminkan pola pikirnya, yang dapat diimplementasikan melalui "7 variabel Gayahidup" tersebut.

Gayahidup seseorang tidak terlepas dari eksistensi orang itu sendiri, apakah ia sudah merasa nyaman untuk menjadi dirinya sendiri, yang merasa dirinya sudah eksis dengan apa yang ia miliki saat ini.

Dalam mengkritisi gayahidup, kepemilikan seseorang bukan saja pada benda-benda atau harta yang ia miliki, tapi juga termasuk skill, edukasi, lingkaran persekawanannya, dan lain sebagainya, yang menyangkut pada hal-hal yang dapat diperbandingkan dengan kepemilikan orang lain.

Kepemilikan dalam gayahidup, termasuk pula dengan ketampanan, dan bentuk tubuh yang proposional, jika ia seorang pria. Begitu pula yang terjadi pada wanita, mereka pun selalu mengkait-kaitkan dengan kecantikannya dan dengan tubuhnya yang indah.

Dengan demikian jelas, gayahidup adalah hal yang esensial untuk dibicarakan pada masa sekarang.

Mengapa Gayahidup menjadi penting pada masa sekarang???

Pertanyaannya, pola pikir dulu atau gayahidup dulu, jika kita ingin membentuk pola pikir positif anak-anak kita.  Pertanyaan ini sebenarnya hampir sama dengan pertanyaan, telor dulu atau ayam dulu.

Ayo kita permudah, jika kita mengajar pola pikir terlebih dahulu, daripada gayahidup dulu, maka kita akan, atau harus banyak menggunakan perumpamaan yang cukup abstrak, yang akan membuat anak-anak kita sulit untuk membayangkan, untuk apa, hasilnya seperti apa, dan apa manfaatnya pola pikir bagi dirinya kelak.

Namun jika kita memulainya dari memperkenalkan gayahidup terlebih dahulu, maka anak-anak akan lebih mudah untuk mengerti, karena contohnya nyata. 

Oleh karena itu, judul website ini dimulai dengan memperkenalkan gayahidup terlebih dahulu, ketimbang Pola Pikir. Hal ini terlihat dari url website kami, yang lebih menonjolkan gayahidup.

Gayahidup harus ada variabel Kecerdasan didalamnya.

Anda bisa menunjukan contoh orang yang royal dalam gayahidup mereka, dan sekaligus menjawab mengapa orang itu harus menggunakan gayahidup royal.

Orang yang menggunakan gayahidup royal itu, biasanya orang yang menderita krisis eksistensi. Mereka berharap, dengan keroyalannya, mereka akan selalu dihormati, selain itu juga, membuat mereka merasa selalu eksis di dalam lingkaran pergaulannya.

Jadi jelas gayahidup royal itu, menandakan orang tersebut tidak percaya diri, atau menderita krisis eksistensi. (Harap dibedakan, antara Royal dengan Dermawan).

Sementara Gayahidup yang positif itu, irit tapi tidak pelit!!!

Gayahidup irit dalam membeli barang fashion misalnya, dimana dapat dilihat saat Anda harus menentukan pilihan, barang mana yang akan Anda beli.

Dengan kwalitas yang sama, yang branded tentu jauh lebih mahal, dari yang non branded.

Jika Anda membeli yang non branded, karena menurut Anda kwalitasnya pun sama, atau paling tidak mendekati, tetapi dengan harga yang bersahabat, maka Anda termasuk kriteria menggunakan gayahidup positif.

Harus pula dibedakan, jika Anda memang suka sekali dengan barang yang branded tersebut, dan kebetulan Anda memang sangat mampu untuk membelinya, juga Anda membelinya bukan karena ikut-ikutan, atau pengaruh orang lain, maka itulah gayahidup Anda yang sesungguhnya.

Kembali kepada kebiasaan gayahidup kita dalam membeli, biasakanlah untuk memprioritaskan fungsi barang tersebut, bukan modelnya yang diprioritaskan. Karena kita membeli fungsi, dan kwalitasnya, bukan modelnya.

Gayahidup irit dalam menikmati kuliner beda lagi, saat Anda harus menentukan rumah makan, atau resto yang mana, yang ingin Anda kunjungi. 

Sementara resto yang jorok harganya murah, dan yang hygienist harganya mahal, disinilah dengan sistem pendidikan pola pikir dalam mata pelajaran "Budi Pekerti", kita diajarkan Kecerdasan, bukan Hafalan. (Artikel mengenai gayahidup yang cerdas dan ber-Budi Pekerti, ada di website Warta WA Terkini)

Gayahidup : Cerminan Cerdas tidaknya Seseorang.

Gayahidup membongkar pola pikir seseorang, semisal orang tersebut menggunakan hafalan sebagai patokannya, maka yang tertera dalam deskripsi yang dihafalkanlah yang dijadikan patokan untuk mengambil sebuah keputusan, sehingga deskripsi "irit sama dengan lebih murah" akan dijadikan ketetapan yang absolut bagi dirinya, tanpa diikuti logika yang lain, yang bahkan jika dipikir secara cerdas, justru dapat menegasi pernyataan deskripsi tersuratnya.

Memang benar, irit itu lebih murah, tetapi dengan gayahidup yang menempatkan pola pikir positif, yang selalu ingin berfikir 2 kali, maka akan selalu menanyakan sebab akibatnya, "Bagaimana Kemungkinan Akibat Sesudahnya"

Dengan gayahidup yang cerdas, maka Anda akan mengkonsumsi makanan, dan memilih resto yang hygienist.

Jadi pilihan mahal untuk kasus ini, bukanlah mencerminkan gayahidup yang hedon, akan tetapi lebih pada antisipasi, sebagai penerapan gayahidup yang cerdas. 

Jika Anda makan di resto yang murah tapi jorok, maka akan tercermin gayahidup Anda yang salah, karena akan ada kemungkinan bagi diri Anda, saat setelah selesai makan, Anda justru terkena diare.

Jadi pertanyaannya, apakah Anda menggunakan gayahidup yang cerdas, dan apakah Anda baik-baik saja, atau Anda terjangkit diare, jika Anda memilih resto yang murah, yang kemudian justru harus dirawat di rumah sakit, maka jika dihitung untung ruginya.

Dengan gayahidup yang cerdas, maka dapat dihitung kerugian Anda yang menggunakan gayahidup yang hanya menghafal.nDengan dirawatnya Anda di rumah sakit, biayanya sangatlah jauh lebih mahal biayanya, jika dibanding dengan selisih harga antara makanan resto yang murah, dengan harga makanan resto yang mahal.

Etika sebagai indikator Gayahidup yang Berkelas.

Sebelum membahas gayahidup yang ber-etika. Kadang kita bingung, apakah harus juga ber-attitude yang baik pula.

Atau kita juga kerap menemukan judul "Ber-etika dan ber-Ettitude yang baik", begitu pula dalam artikel pembahasan gayahidup.

Sementara, arti dari kata Etika adalah hal-hal yang menggambarkan bagaimana sikap dan prilaku kita di lingkungan kita, yang identik dengan peran kita sebagai manusia sosial. Istilah ini juga disebut dengan Attitude.

Untuk bahasan gayahidup ini, kami lebih memilih menggunakan istilah etika, yang menurut kami lebih memasyarakat.

Di atas tadi, kami sudah memberikan contoh gayahidup yang buruk, atau gayahidup yang tidak ber-etika, seperti  bergaya bicara tidak santun, berpakaian tidak sopan, menggunakan kosa kata yang kasar, gestur yang sombong, dan lain sebagainya.

Yang perlu kita ketahui, dalam melihat gayahidup seseorang itu, yang pertama justru dari etika orang tersebut, karena dari etikalah, kita akan tahu asal usul orang tersebut.

Bisa saja, ia menggunakan gayahidup kesehariannya seperti seorang ningrat. Dengan gayahidup berpakaian necis, dan bersih, tetapi saat kita berbincang, terlihatlah asal-usulnya, dan gayahidup sebenarnya, dari cara ia memegang gelas, dari cara ia berbicara, dan lain sebagainya.

Gayahidup yang Berkelas

Leluhur Nusantara sudah mengajari gayahidup, dan mewariskan nilai-nilai luhur yang sangat lengkap, dengan nilai-nilai gayahidup yang berkelas itu sendiri.

Jadi seharusnya, jika kita tetap saja pada jalur nilai-nilai warisan Leluhur kita, maka gayahidup kita pasti berkelas.

Demi kenyamanan hidup Anda, Anda tetap boleh, dan bahkan harus menetapkan gayahidup yang mana, yang akan Anda terapkan dalam kehidupan Anda sehari-hari.

Menurut kami, gunakanlah gayahidup yang cerdas, agar Anda terlepas, atau tidak terperangkap dalam krisis eksistensi, yang akan lebih banyak memberi Anda kerugian. (artikel lanjutan ada di Warta WA Terkini)

Sapto Satrio Mulyo

Foto : Istimewa

Gender Equality - Kesetaraan Gender

Januari 07, 2023
Gender Equality - Kesetaraan Gender
Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Artikel Berbahasa Indonesia, setelah Artikel Berbahasa Inggris

The Java equivalent of Google's translation is "padha karo", in English it is "Equivalent", and in German it is "Equivalent".

Of the three languages, they have the same meaning, namely, "Similar and Concurrent". So the consequence of Gender Equality is having the same Rights and Obligations, unless determined by the nature of Gender itself. Next

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Bahasa Indonesia
Setara dalam bahasa Jawa terjemahan Google adalah "padha karo", dalam bahasa Inggris "Equivalent", dan dalam bahasa Jerman "Equivalent".

Dari ketiga bahasa tersebut, memiliki makna yang sama, yakni , "Sama dan Sebangun". Jadi konsekwensi Kesetaraan Gender adalah memiliki Hak dan Kewajiban yang sama, kecuali ditetapkan oleh kodrat dari Gender itu sendiri. Selanjutnya

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Sunday - I Make a Day of Reflection to Begin

Januari 07, 2023
Sunday - I Make a Day of Reflection to Begin
Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Sunday - I make it a day of contemplation to start something big, or return to contemplation to remember whether what I have been doing from Sunday to Sunday, until now, is indeed on the right track.

That's what I do every Sunday, until I can reach my life in the position it is today.

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Bahasa Indonesia
Minggu -  Kujadikan Hari Perenungan untuk Memulai sesuatu yang besar, atau kembali kontemplasi mengingat-ingat apakah yang sudah kujalani dari Minggu ke Minggu, hingga saat ini, memang sudah di trek yang benar.

Begitu terus yang kulakukan setiap Minggu, hingga aku bisa mencapai kehidupanku di posisi yang seperti sekarang ini.

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Monday - I Start My Activities With Enthusiasm but Relax

Januari 07, 2023
Monday - I Start My Activities With Enthusiasm but Relax

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Monday - I Start My Activities With Enthusiasm but Relax

Before starting activities on a day that is hated by many people in many countries "I hate Monday", we must work around this, so that Monday becomes a good starting day.

Monday is the first step, so we can achieve our goals, which we have contemplated on Sunday.

Mondays are probably best eaten Nasi Goreng, because it's easy to make and gives enough energy for a breakfast in the morning.

Because Nasi Goreng describes a simplicity that is not cheap.

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Bahasa Indonesia
Senin - Kumulai Kegiatanku Dengan Semangat tapi Santai

Sebelum memulai kegiatan di hari yang dibenci banyak orang di banyak negara "I hate Monday", kita harus mensiasatinya, agar hari Senin adalah hari permulaan yang baik.

Hari Senin adalah langkah pertama, agar kita bisa meraih cita-cita kita, yang sudah kita renungkan di hari Minggu.

Hari Senin mungkin paling enak makan Nasi Goreng, karena dibuatnya mudah dan memberi energi yang cukup untuk sebuah Sarapan di pagi hari.

Karena Nasi Goreng menggambarkan sebuah Kesederhanaan yang Tidak Murahan.

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Tuesday - Fixed Performance

Januari 07, 2023
Tuesday - Fixed Performance

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Tuesday - Fixed Performance

Once through Monday, which is usually busy with bills and payments.

Now is the time to improve our performance, so that the company where we work, or by chance our own company, can continue to progress.

If a business is progressing, it is certain that the company will receive additional profits, which in the end, we will also enjoy it.

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Bahasa Indonesia
Selasa - Memperbaiki Kinerja

Setelah melalui hari Senin, yang biasanya disibukan dengan tagihan dan pembayaran.

Kini saatnya memperbaiki kinerja kita, agar perusahaan dimana kita bekerja, atau kebetulan perusahaan kita sendiri, dapat terus mengalami kemajuan.

Jika sebuah usaha mengalami kemajuan, dapat dipastikan perusahaan tersebut mendapat tambahan keuntungan, yang pada akhirnya, kita-kita juga yang akan menikmatinya.

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Wednesday - Time to Perfect Performance

Januari 07, 2023
Wednesday - Time to Perfect Performance

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Wednesday is sometimes called "Everyone's Lucky Day". Because unconsciously, the rhythm of life for everyone who has aspirations is, Sunday reflects, Monday starts implementing the results of his reflections, Tuesday tries to improve yesterday's work.

And subconsciously, on this Wednesday, it's like a vehicle whose engine is stable, so to accelerate speed, it's not as difficult as when the vehicle's engine is still unstable.

It is the pleasure of the mind that makes you calm, as well as makes it easier for you to get any Fortune.

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Bahasa Indonesia
Rabu - Saatnya Menyempurnakan Kinerja

Hari Rabu kadang disebut "Hari Keberuntungan Semua Orang". Karena secara tidak sadar, ritme hidup setiap orang yang punya cita-cita adalah, Minggu merenung, Senin mulai menerapkan hasil renungannya, Selasa mencoba memperbaiki hasil kerja kemarin.

Dan secara tidak sadar, di hari Rabu ini, ibarat kendaraan yang mesinnya sudah stabil, maka untuk mengakselerasikan kecepatan, sudah tidak sesulit saat mesin kendaraan tersebut masih belum stabil.

Kenikmatan pikiran itulah yang membuat Anda tenang, sekaligus memudahkan Anda mendapatkan Rejeki apapun.

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Thursday - Optimizing Work Results

Januari 07, 2023
Thursday - Optimizing Work Results

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Thursday - Optimizing Work Results

This is what people call, that people always want more and more.

It is very humane, everyone wants more and more.

Only people who have matured their mindset can control it. The Javanese call it Legowo.

Legowo has a philosophical meaning that is more than just sincere.

The characteristics of people whose mindset is mature, if they are happy, the pleasure is not overly expressed.

Conversely, if they are sad, they also do not show excessive brand sadness.

Back again to Thursday - Optimizing Work Results

After Wednesday we can drive quickly, because our vehicle's engine is stable, so Thursday we will be Friday. We want to speed...

Not only do we want to go fast before the others, but we are at the point where we want to overtake the vehicle in front of us while simultaneously overtaking it.

At this point, it's time for us Legowo and also Eling and Waspodo.

Photo: Special

Bahasa Indonesia 
Kamis - Mengoptimalkan Hasil Kerja

Inilah yang disebut orang, bahwa orang selalu ingin lebih dan lebih.

Hal tersebut memang manusiawi sekali, setiap orang ingin lebih dan lebih.

Hanya orang-orang yang sudah dewasa pola pikirnya, dapat mengendalikannya. Orang Jawa menyebutnya Legowo.

Legowo memiliki makna filosofi yang lebih dari hanya sekedar ikhlas.

Ciri-ciri orang yang pola pikirnya telah dewasa, jika mereka senang tidaklah kesenangan itu diekspresikan secara berlebihan.

Sebaliknya jika mereka sedang sedih, mereka juga tidak memperlihatkan kesedihan merek yang berlebihan.

Kembali lagi ke Kamis - Mengoptimalkan Hasil Kerja

Setelah hari Rabu kita dapat berkendaraan dengan cepat, karena mesin kendaraan kita sudah stabil, maka hari Kamis kita sudah jumawa. Kita ingin ngebut...

Tidak hanya ingin jalan cepat mendahului yang lain, tapi kita sudah pada titik ingin menyusul kendaraan di depan kita dengan sekaligus menyalipnya.

Di titik inilah, saatnya kita Legowo dan juga Eling lan Waspodo.

Foto : Istimewa

Friday - Lower Bustle

Januari 07, 2023
Friday - Lower Bustle

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - When people feel optimally doing something, usually people will start to lower their performance.

This has various reasons, whether it is getting tired, feeling that there is stagnation that can no longer be changed, or are already satisfied with what has been achieved.

Usually on Friday people are no longer focused on their work. There are various reasons, one of which is for working-type employees who think work is an obligation to make a living, they only think, where are they going to go tomorrow during the Saturday and Sunday holidays.

For career employees, think Friday is a day of checking and rechecking all the work that has been done from Monday to Thursday, so they are very relaxed doing it.

Therefore on Friday all employees can chat with each other casually, because it is between Career Employees and Working Employees.

What type of employee are you?

Ceteris Paribus if you work in an established company, or your own company.

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Bahasa Indonesia
Jumat - Menurunkan Kesibukan

Disaat orang sudah merasa optimal mengerjakan sesuatu, biasanya orang akan mulai menurunkan kinerjanya.

Hal tersebut memiliki berbagai alasan, apakah sudah mulai lelah, merasa ada stagnasi yang sudah tidak dapat diubah lagi, atau sudah merasa puas dengan apa yang telah dicapainya.

Biasanya hari Jumat orang sudah tidak fokus lagi dalam pekerjaanya. Ada berbagai alasan, salah satunya bagi karyawan tipe pekerja yang berfikir kerja adalah kewajiban mencari nafkah, hanya berfikir, besok mau pergi kemana ya selama liburan Sabtu dan Minggu.

Bagi karyawan yang berkarir, berfikir hari Jumat adalah hari cek dan ricek semua pekerjaan yang telah dikerjakan selama Senin sampai Kamis, Jadi mereka sangat santai mengerjakannya.

Olehkarenanya hari Jumat semua karyawan bisa saling ngobrol dengan santai, karena antara Karyawan Karir dengan Karyawan Pekerja.

Tipe Karyawan apakah Anda?

Ceteris Paribus jika Anda bekerja di Perusahaan yang sudah mapan, atau Perusahaan Anda sendiri.

Foto : Istimewa

Saturday - Holiday of Work and Thoughts

Januari 07, 2023
Saturday - Holiday of Work and Thoughts
Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Saturday - Holiday of Work and Thoughts

It is actually on this day that we can have a real rest. After Friday we lower our busyness.

This day is the only day outside of leave, which we can make a holiday from all the hustle and bustle of life.

In one week, Saturday is a day that we can do various activities, from being lazy to very tiring sports.

If we choose Saturday to do something physically tiring, we can still recover on Sunday.

Saturday is the best day to do what we want, besides work.

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Bahasa Indonesia
Sabtu - Berlibur Kerja dan Pikiran

Memang sebenarnya di hari inilah kita bisa beristirahat yang sesungguhnya. Setelah hari Jumat kita menurunkan kesibukan kita.

Hari inilah satu-satunya hari di luar cuti, yang dapat kita jadikan libur dari segala hiruk pikuk kehidupan.

Dalam satu Minggu, hari Sabtu merupakan hari yang bisa kita buat berbagai aktifitas, mulai dari malas-malasan, hingga olahraga yang sangat melelahkan.

Jika kita memilih hari Sabtu untuk melakukan yang melelahkan fisik, kita masih bisa memulihkannya pada hari minggunya.

Hari Sabtu hari terbaik melakukan apa yang kita mau, selain bekerja.

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Jumat, 06 Januari 2023

Fashion - Makes Us More Confident

Januari 06, 2023
Fashion - Makes Us More Confident

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Fashion is now a necessity, not only for urbanites, but has also penetrated to various corners.

Some are suitable for use, some are not. For those who are suitable, fashion can be used as a tool to increase self-confidence.

For those who don't really fit, but still insist on wearing it, because they just don't want to be said to be outdated. They can be said as victims of advertising.

Be wise to see change.

One of the supporters of fashion is beauty care and body fitness.

For those of you who want to look naturally beautiful and fresh, you should visit the website Sehat.TanahImpian.web.id, where you will get various Natural Beauty and Wellness recipes.

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Bahasa indonesia
Mode jadikan kita lebih percaya diri

Mode kini termasuk kebutuhan, tidak hanya bagi kaum perkotaan, namun juga sudah merambah ke berbagai pelosok.

Ada yang cocok menggunakannya, ada yang tidak. Bagi yang cocok, mode dapat dijadikan untuk alat menambah percaya diri.

Bagi yang sebenarnya tidak cocok, namun tetap memaksakan untuk ybtetap mengenakannya, karena hanya agar tidak ingin dikatakan sebagai orang yang ketinggalan zaman. Mereka ini dapat dikatakan sebagai korban iklan.

Bijaklah melihat perubahan.

Salah satu penunjang fashion adalah perawatan kecantikan, dan kebugaran tubuh.

Bagi kalian yang ingin yang ingin terlihat cantik nan segar alami, sebaiknya kunjungi website Sehat.TanahImpian.web.id, di sana Anda akan mendapat berbagai resep Kecantikan dan Kebugaran Alami. 

Sports - Makes Us Feel Healthy

Januari 06, 2023
Sports - Makes Us Feel Healthy

Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - From existing research (this article was previously published on WartaWaTerkini.web.id), it turns out that sport is one of the lowest rankings in achieving longevity.

This is the order, if you want to live a long and healthy life.
  • 8th place: sport
  • No 7: Eat fish twice a week
  • No 6: Eat whole grains 3 times a week
  • No 5: Drink enough water every day
  • 4th place: 1 egg per day
  • 3rd place: 80% full meal
  • Champion 2: Make sure to get enough sleep
  • 1st place: KEEP YOUR MOOD ALWAYS HAPPY..!!
So it's clear, that a positive mindset is always number one, in achieving everything in this world.

Therefore we increase the positive mindset in the first section of our rubric... 7-Lifestyle

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Bahasa Indonesia
Olahraga mensugesti kita merasa sehat

Dari penelitian yang ada (Artikel ini pernah tayang di WartaWaTerkini.web.id), ternyata olahraga justru termasuk peringkat terbawah dalam kita mencapai Umur Panjang.

Inilah urutannya, jika Anda ingin berumur panjang dan sehat.
  • Juara 8: olahraga
  • No 7: Makan ikan dua kali seminggu
  • No 6: Makan biji-bijian 3 kali seminggu
  • No 5: Minum cukup air setiap hari
  • Peringkat ke-4: 1 telur per hari
  • Juara 3: 80% makanan penuh
  • Juara 2: Pastikan tidur yang cukup
Jadi jelas ya, bahwa pola pikir positif selalu no satu, dalam meraih segalanya di Dunia ini.

Oleh karenanya kami meningkatkan pola pikir positif pada urutan pertama rubrikasi kami... 7-Lifestyle

Foto : Istimewa

Pets - Hewan Peliharaan

Januari 06, 2023
Pets - Hewan Peliharaan
Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - 
Artikel Berbahasa Indonesia, setelah Artikel Berbahasa Inggris

So far, the most common animals kept as pets are dogs and cats. Both of them besides being adorable, also include obedient animals.

Meanwhile, how to treat it is also not too difficult.

Many statements say that the character of people who keep pets, their personality is also reflected in the animals they keep.

For women, especially those who like dogs, are known to have a personality that is disciplined, firm, friendly and full of enthusiasm.

This woman is also known as a person who is full of love, painstaking, patient, they are people who do not hesitate to express their feelings, they are sensitive to the feelings of other people, and they are also very able to break the ice around them.

These dog-loving ladies, in general, are very pleasant people.

They are also people who can see the world in a different way.

What's very interesting, they are people who are very good at maintaining a relationship, to make it last.

So in a way, the personalities of people who like dogs are very attractive, and impressive.

Meanwhile, people who like cats generally have a soft feeling, full of love and affection.

Also has a fairly quiet demeanor, and easily touched.

Hopefully it's not infected by the cat's character who likes to help.
Kintamani is an Original Bali Dogs
Photo: Special

Bahasa Indonesia
Sejauh ini, hewan yang paling sering dijadikan hewan peliharaan adalah anjing dan kucing. Keduanya selain menggemaskan, juga termasuk hewan yang penurut.

Sementara, cara perawatannya juga tidak terlalu sulit.

Banyak pernyataan yang mengatakan, bahwa karakter orang yang memelihara hewan peliharaan, kepribadiannya pun tercermin dari hewan yang dipelihara.

Bagi wanita khususnya yang suka dengan anjing, dikenal memiliki kepribadian yang disiplin, tegas, ramah dan penuh semangat.

Wanita tersebut juga dikenal sebagai pribadi yang penuh cinta, telaten, sabar, mereka orang yang tidak sungkan untuk mengungkapkan perasaannya, mereka peka terhadap perasaan orang lain, dan mereka juga sangat dapat mencairkan suasana di sekitar mereka. 

Mereka para wanita pencinta anjing, pada umumnya merupakan orang-orang yang sangat menyenangkan.

Mereka juga orang-orang yang dapat melihat dunia dengan cara yang berbeda. 

Yang sangat menarik, mereka adalah orang-orang yang sangat pandai dalam menjaga hubungan, agar tetap langgeng.

Jadi dapat dikatakan, kepribadian orang yang menyukai anjing sangatlah menarik, dan mengesankan.

Sementara, orang yang suka kucing, pada umumnya memiliki perasaan lembut, penuh cinta dan kasih sayang. 

Juga memiliki sikap yang cukup pendiam, dan gampang tersentuh. 

Semoga saja tidak tertular oleh karakter kucing yang suka nyolong.

Kintamani adalah Anjing asli Bali
    Foto : Istimewa

    Kamis, 05 Januari 2023

    Mindset - Life is a choice.

    Januari 05, 2023
    Mindset - Life is a choice.

    Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Basically, we can form our own mindset, by influencing our subconscious system.

    Affective - Cognitive - Motoric

    So, it is true, if it is said, that life is a choice. 

    Because, everything that happens to us, is because of God's Will and our own. 

    Photo: Special

    Bahasa Indonesia
    Jadi, benar adanya, jika dikatakan, bahwa hidup itu adalah pilihan. 

    Karena, segala sesuatu yang terjadi pada diri kita, adalah karena, Kehendak Tuhan dan kita sendiri.

    Foto : Istimewa

    Mindset is Everything

    Januari 05, 2023
    Mindset is Everything
    Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Mindset is everything, is one of Yargon in my life.

    Because in my opinion, all the journey of a person's life starts from his mindset.

    If we talk about the mindset in Indonesia.

    It would be better for us to go back to when we were still taught the subject "Ethics", where in essence, we were taught the mindset of how to behave according to the lifestyle of our Ancestors, about what was polite and polite in character, and intelligent in mindset.

    The subject of ethics teaches a moral mindset, and forms a mindset from the behavior of students in schools.

    To facilitate writing, we will then call it the ethical mindset.

    This 1968 curriculum was valid until the mid-1980s, ending when the mindset subjects were replaced by civics education subjects, and religious subjects (Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and later also Confucianism).

    With the reason, that the ethical mindset only teaches the mindset to behave in a worldly manner.

    So politicians who use religion as a political tool encourage them to change their ethical mindset to apply religious lessons.

    Religious mindset is dogmatic.

    If examined carefully, the ethical mindset actually contains very high inter-religious tolerance.

    Until that era, we lived like in a land of dreams, where by applying a thinker mindset, we all got along well, and worked together with each other among religions, when there were celebrations of one religion.

    Apart from that, in the ethical mindset lesson itself, if criticized intelligently, it also contains an initiation from the mindset of 'Defending the Country', which has recently been touted about recently.

    The clear ethical mindset is an open and intelligent teaching and learning system, because you can directly monitor the success rate of applying that mindset to students every day, which can be seen from the mindset and behavior of the students themselves.

    The ethical mindset teaches us to be consistent between what we say and what we do.

    The ethical mindset lessons in that era clearly combined everyone's thoughts and motors, so that they were balanced.

    So that the mindset of the majority of the people at that time, you can see, between their words and actions ran parallel.

    Unlike now, the mindset of many religious leaders, if you don't want to say the octum of the majority of religious leaders, is very different between their behavior and their speech, because their mindset in learning only emphasizes memorization.

    That is where the mistake is, that the application of ethical mindset is forced to be replaced by descendants of citizens, so that their sectarian religious sect can dominate Indonesia.

    When the ethical mindset was still being taught in schools, the attitudes and relationships of students to their teachers, or teachers to their students, respected each other in their respective portions.

    Regarding religious life, it should be a personal right to privacy, not the government's obligation to interfere in someone's religious life.

    Unlike now, with a rote mindset, they only know, teachers are paid with their school fees, which incidentally is money from the students' parents.

    With a rote mindset, it means that teachers are paid by their parents, so it's not more like a maid in their house.

    It is not surprising, if the mindset of students who memorize at this time, many are brave to their teachers, if you don't want to say that the majority of students are unscrupulous.

    With a ethical mindset, in the past the existence of teachers and students did not compete, but respected each other proportionally. This healthy mindset must be maintained.
    Thinking Mindset vs Memorizing Mindset.

    The soothing conditions in teaching and learning at that time, made the teaching and learning process, at the same time increase the intelligence of students to develop optimally, so that the thinking patterns of students really become intelligent, in the application of their own mindset.

    Unlike what is happening at this time, students who are intentionally or unintentionally taught use the human mindset of memorizing, which makes students, directly or indirectly, not intelligent, but only as memorizing humans, who act only on the basis of their memorization.

    Intelligent people who apply a thinker mindset, it will be very obvious to see the relationship between the level of intelligence of their IQ and EQ, but humans who memorize only follow what is memorized, which incidentally rarely uses the IQ of their mind, so their EQ is low.

    As a human who uses a thinker mindset, he will always think twice, before going further, or to make a wise decision.

    It is different with humans who use a rote mindset, because they are not intelligent, so to make a decision, based only on the data in their brain database, they do not use the tools that have been given by God Almighty, such as kajiwo (empathy). for example.

    So if the problem at hand is not in the database of their brain, then simply, they say that it doesn't make sense to them, even though in fact they don't use their mind. This kind of memorizing mindset usually consciously or not suffers from double standards.

    It is different with people who use a thinker mindset, they will use all the equipment that has been equipped by God Almighty, such as; senses, kajiwo (empathy), and so forth. So they tend to apply a single standard.

    Therefore, the human tendency to use a rote mindset has a double standard character, and a certain low EQ, so it is easy to get cranky or angry, or what children now know as the term "human short fuse".

    Memorizing mindset behavior is not Gossip

    There have been many incidents, one of which was when a religious figure argued with a female artist. When the religious figure was addressed, he immediately burst into tears like chicken vegetables. Obviously yes, mindset is everything.

    Because most of us, only know that angry people, only those who behave temperamentally, it doesn't feel that the majority of users of the rote mindset, we can be sure have a low EQ, even though they don't look temperamental.

    Angry people who use a temperamental rote mindset, they are among those who have no calculation against the resistance of the people around them, or maybe have enough guts.

    But in reality, short fuse people who use the rote mindset, act temperamentally, only when they are in large numbers. Individually, they are like vegetable chickens.

    Meanwhile, people who use the mindset of memorizing, but are not seen as someone who is angry, and also not seen as a temperamental person, so they have little courage, or take into account the resistance of the people around them. Or also included in the classification of vegetable chicken.

    The point is, angry people have low EQ.

    After the implementation of the curriculum that replaced the mindset subject "Budipekerti" into two subjects, namely; Citizenship and Religion, with rote teaching patterns.

    The episode of student brawl between schools begins, armed with a memorizer mindset, then your school vs my school. Such is the short-sighted view of the educational results of a memorizer mindset.

    If we look at the perspective of thinkers. Your school has the same problem as mine. Humans have a thinker mindset, surely say "you and I are both educated people, let's solve it wisely"

    The result of replacing the curriculum..., which uses a memorizing mindset, is now being shown to us, whether intentionally or not, studying religion does not promise people to be good, compared to when the ethical mindset subjects were still being implemented.

    It can be seen that one of the religious streams, with the result of a memorizer mindset education, they do not recognize the existence of other religions, they even consider one religion to be another religion than theirs. Because of the results of the memorizer's mindset, they always think they are the most correct.

    Now that the difference is clear, between the thinking mindset of the thinker and the mindset of memorizing, it is clear that "Smart is not by memorizing", but "Smart can be by memorizing"

    This is not gossip, but the fact that when we learn ethical mindset, we immediately implement it, and it is clear that the impact is direct for those who apply it.

    Unlike studying religion, the majority of which are only memorized, while those who implement them, cannot immediately feel the impact.

    With this learning mindset that emphasizes memorization, it makes us rigid in accepting other values than what is memorized.

    What is equally important, while we are trying to interpret what is the meaning, use, and application of mindset to human behavior, so that it is clearer, we can divide the functions of mindset and lifestyle functions.

    An easy analogy is, if the mindset is the system, then the lifestyle is the application.

    Your lifestyle is a reflection of your own mindset. With a smart and healthy mindset, your lifestyle will look smart and healthy.

    In essence, your behavior, your appearance, your lifestyle, and your success, all of that, really depends on your own mindset.

    Before it's too late, I think you have to choose to use a thinking mindset, or a memorizing mindset.

    Only for those who want to be smart, may choose to use a thinker mindset.

    Thinking mindset, besides making us smart, our charm will shine in the eyes of the sane opposite sex.

    A thinker mindset makes us more confident, facing various challenges.

    The mindset of thinkers, makes our EQ higher, so we become patient people.

    The mindset of thinkers, makes us never stop thinking about positive things.

    People who use a thinker mindset tend to have a lot of humor, so they are liked by their friends.

    Last but not least, a thinker mindset also makes us healthier, because we use our brains more often to think positively.

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    Life is not in a hurry but must be fast | In the Javanese concept, it is called "Alon-alon Asal Kelakon"

    Januari 05, 2023
    Life is not in a hurry but must be fast | In the Javanese concept, it is called "Alon-alon Asal Kelakon"
    Life is not in a hurry but must be fast | In the Javanese concept, it is called "Alon-alon Asal Kelakon"
    Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Life is not in a hurry but must be fast, In the Javanese concept, it is called "Alon-alon Asal Kelakon"

    Life is a choice, choose your way of life with a clean heart.

    Once you choose with determination, stick with it.

    So that you are not affected by a temporary trend, which makes you want to change direction, to an ongoing trend. And when you start that new direction, it turns out that the path, which previously seemed loose, suddenly becomes solid.

    And when you realize that you want to return to your first choice, it seems that it seems to be congested, that's where you seem to be in a hurry. Meanwhile, if you are consistent with your resolve, then you can run it quickly.

    The biggest distraction for people is seeing a new gap that seems easier, compared to what they are currently working on, even though they don't know for sure whether they are qualified for this new gap.

    This is the meaning of "Alon-alon Asal Kelakon", a very high Javanese philosophy. The latter has been imitated by many developed nations, but they do not admit it. They say EQ.

    Photo: Special

    Bahasa Indonesia
    Hidup tidak terburu-buru tapi harus cepat | Dalam konsep Jawa disebut "Alon-alon Asal Kelakon"
    Hidup jangan terburu-buru tapi harus cepat

    Hidup itu pilihan, pilihlah jalan hidupmu dengan hati yang bersih.

    Sekali Anda memilih dengan ketetapan hati, konsistenlah di jalur tersebut.

    Sehingga tidak terpengaruh oleh trend yang hanya sementara, yang membuat Anda ingin mengubah haluan, ke trend yang sedang berlangsung. Dan saat Anda memulai haluan baru tersebu, ternyata jalur tersebut, yang tadinya terlihat lenggang, seketika menjadi padat.

    Dan saat Anda sadar ingin kembali pada pilihan Anda pertama, ternyata terlihat mulai memadat, disitulah Anda tampak terburu-buru. Sementara jika Anda konsisten dengan ketetapan hati Anda, maka bisa menjalankannya dengan cepat.

    Gangguan terbesar bagi orang adalah, melihat celah baru yang tampaknya lebih mudah, dibandingkan dengan yang sedang ia tekuni, padahal belum tahu secara pasti kemampuannya untuk celah baru tersebut, mumpuni atau tidak.

    Ini adalah makna dari "Alon-alon Asal Kelakon", sebuah Filosofi Jawa yang sangat tinggi. Yang belakangan banyak ditiru Bangsa-bangsa Maju, tapi mereka tidak mengakuinya. Mereka bilang EQ.

    Foto : Istimewa

    Beauty - Not Just Physical

    Januari 05, 2023
    Beauty - Not Just Physical
    Kampoeng Dreamland (7-Lifestyle) - Articles in Bahasa Indonesia, after Articles in English..

    Beauty that is usually talked about is physical beauty, on the other hand inner beauty is rarely the subject of conversation.

    Meanwhile, if we want to find a life partner who is lasting and happy, we can be sure that they are human figures who have inner beauty.

    Because you can be sure, for people who take care of their inner beauty, they are loyal people, and will never have an affair.

    On the other hand, women who take care of their physical beauty have a tendency to have an affair, which is very large.

    Which do you prefer, physical beauty or inner beauty?

    Photo: Special

    Bahasa Indonesia
    Kecantikan - Tidak Hanya Fisik Semata

    Kecantikan yang biasa dibicarakan adalah kecantikan fisik, di lain pihak kecantikan batin jarang sekali menjadi bahan pembicaraan.

    Sementara, jika kita ingin mencari teman hidup yang langgeng dan membahagiakan, dapat dipastikan merekalah sosok manusia yang memiliki kecantikan batin.

    Karena dapat dipastikan, bagi orang-orang yang merawat kecantikan batinnya, merekalah orang-orang yang setia, dan tidak akan pernah berselingkuh.

    Lain halnya dengan wanita-wanita yang merawat kecantikan fisiknya, memiliki kecenderungan berselingkuh ya sangat besar.

    Pilih mana, kecantikan fisik atau kecantikan batin?

    Foto : Istimewa